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A lot of dogs enjoy swimming and find it great fun, but there are also many benefits to taking your dog swimming.

A lot of dogs enjoy swimming and find it great fun, but there are also many benefits to taking your dog swimming. 

Swimming is a form of water therapy or hydrotherapy; it is the use of water to relieve discomfort and promote physical and mental well-being. Swimming lets your dog exercise in a non-weight bearing environment which relieves pressure on joints whilst encouraging a full range of motion, muscle development and improved cardiovascular fitness. 

Swimming is a great form of exercise with five minutes swimming being equivalent to a five-mile walk making it a fantastic way for dogs of all ages to stay fit and healthy.

Swimming can be ideal for fun fitness or rehabilitation for puppies, family pets, gun dogs, Farm dogs, agility dogs, racing greyhounds and more!

Swimming can be used as rehabilitation for dogs with a range of health issues, Such as hip/elbow dysplasia, cruciate ligament failure, luxating patella and arthritis. It is ideal for conservative management of conditions and pre and post operative dogs.

Instead of a freezing cold trip to the river or lake, with the worry of poor water quality and the hassle of cleaning up a wet, dirty dog when you get home… Why not bring your dog for a swim in our safe, warm pool at Wensleydale Dog Pool and Fitness.

Not all dogs are natural water babies, but the warm friendly environment at our centre Can make dogs feel very safe and owners are often surprised how much their dog enjoys the water.

A veterinary consent form must be completed prior to your dog swimming session. This is a legal requirement and dogs will not be allowed to swim without it.

Yes, we are an appointment only Centre. Booking can either be made on our website Or by giving us a call.

Yes, your dog will be the only one in the centre. Owners are asked to wait outside in the car park until they are called for their appointment which will minimise the risk of your dog meeting other dogs during their visit.

In preparation for your dog’s session please make sure you have a completed consent form, as your dog will not be allowed to swim without one. Please ensure that your dog has not eaten for at least two hours before and that they have toileted just prior to the session. They must also be clean please!

We only ever have one dog in the centre at a time (unless it's a joint swim) so please wait in the car park until you are called.

A session will usually last 35-40 minutes with your dog spending up to 25 minutes in the pool. A short session will usually last 25-30 minutes with your dog spending up to 15 minutes in the pool. Your dog will not be swimming for the whole time, there will also be rest periods and sometimes gentle exercises performed on the resting platforms. 

All dogs start their swimming journey in a buoyancy aid/float coat. Some dogs, but not all, will progress to swimming in a harness. We have harnesses and float coats to suit all sizes of dogs. 

Your dog will be rinsed in the shower before and after they swim, this is to remove any dirt/excess hair, treated water.

A first session sometimes doesn't involve any swimming. We perform lots of practise entering and exiting the pool and that doesn't always lead to a swim with all dogs. It is most important that the dog becomes comfortable with both myself and the environment and we may perform some free work with toys and treats if possible.

All dogs will be accompanied by our train staff in the pool. Some dogs need more help to swim than others, but we will be there to guide them.

we have some toys that can go in the pool and also treats, however if your dog is on a diet of any description then it is advisable to bring a small pot with their own treats/part of their food ration for the day. Dogs respond really well to their owners encouragement and we will guide you on what might help get them swimming. Be warned you may get wet!

Please bring a towel to dry your dog off after the session (we do have a few spares if you forget), you should also bring towels or a coat for your dog in the car and ensure there is a comfy space for them as they may be tired!

Please do not attend if you or anyone in your household has COVID-19. Cleaning and disinfecting of touchpoints will take place after each client and we advise that you use the hand sanitizer provided. Although it is no longer mandatory to wear masks please do feel free to wear a mask in our centre.